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The Urubu River is a tributary of the great Amazon River, and is east of Manaus. It has nearly 500 km / 310 miles in length, and is the narrowest river we travel, has the ideal width to experience the real rainforest at your fingertips.

Few people live in this exciting river and you will enjoy peaceful days without seeing or hearing much of humanity. The predominantly soft power will help you on your journey downstream, although you can also get a chance to shoot some exciting but safe rapids. Kayaking is the perfect way to experience this beautiful Mystic River before mass tourism discover it.



1. kayak descent.

2. Walk in the jungle.

3. Fishing.

4. Focus animals. (Including alligators!)

5. Camp overnight in the depths of the jungle.

6. Contemplation of dawn and sunset.


7. Community-based Tourism.

8. Rapids. (Varies according to season)

9. Explore caves.

10. Visit to remote waterfalls and rarely seen.

11. Instructions for use of medicinal plants and safety basics in the forest.


Urubu River - Presidente Figueiredo


2 to 6 Days

Nºof People

Minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 people.

Price per Person

BRL 950 a 2978,5


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