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The Amazon jungle and the river Jatapu will open its beautiful scenery for you while sightseeing boat and kayaking through its lush forest. 

Morning kayaking early (6:00) can be a good choice, because it increases the possibility of seeing rare animals like tapirs, electric eels and the magnificent harpy. In the evening kayak trip is always exciting to observe nocturnal animals, including alligator spotting.
At the bottom of the river Jatapu, adventurers will go through an ecosystem of different forest. In this area, the width of the river will be higher with some small lakes and entrances on the sides. There will be very quiet streams, where we can see monkeys, coatis (raccoon family) and egrets.

Summary of Activities


1. Boating and Kayaking


2. Hiking in uninhabited forest


3. Fishing


4. Observation of night animals (including alligator spotting)


5. Overnight camp deep in the jungle


6. Contemplate the dawn and the sunset


7. Know residents local families and / or small villages


8. Sleeping Overnight in the house of a family (by request)


Jatapú River - Itapiranga


8 - 10 Days

Nº of People

Minimum of 2 people

Price per Person

BRL  6049 a  6417


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